Yesterday, Mrs. Barnes (the coolest teacher in the whole school) and I
talked about our favorite places in Washington, D.C. I told her that I liked
looking at the mall from the steps of the Capitol. She likes walking around
the Tidal Basin during the Cherry Blossom Festival. If you hurry, you might
be able to catch the final week of the festival this year. Those blossoms are
beautiful, especially in the majestic capital city.

The original cherry trees were a gift from Japan and were planted by First
Lady Mrs. William Howard Taft and the Vicountess Chinda of Japan in
1912. Each spring they have the most beautiful pink blooms. Now, there are
more than 3,700 cherry trees along the Tidal Basin. I wonder if Mrs. Barnes
has counted them?
This afternoon, Katie came over to visit after school. She wanted to see some of our pictures from the
nation's capital. Her favorite was the water color of the pond with the Washington Monument in the
background. That was taken at the Memorial of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence. I think
my favorite picture is "Reflections on the Tidal Basin". You can see many of Indigo Tyler's artistic
works on the web site linked to our Products page. It's worth a visit, even if you're just browsing. Of
course, I'm a little biased. Although it's not very artistic, I also really like to the picture of me behind
the presidential podium. Think I could be the first female president? Oh right, the first female penguin
president. That may be a bit of a long shot.
Yesterday, I had my last piano lesson. I've been taking lessons for three years, and I really
enjoy playing the piano. But, it was tough to play "Fur Elise" without any fingers. Wings are
great, but sometimes opposable thumbs come in handy.
Hi, everyone.  Today, ZEE and I went to a birthday party for Shawn. He's our class turtle. I guess lots of
classroom have a turtle It's just that ours is our friend.   Anyway, he's smart and very nice. The party was at
his house--a big, pretty house on a hill overlooking the city. From the front, it looks like a small castle.

Shawn's home is great, but not even close to as large as the Smithsonian Castle. Now, that's a BIG castle.
Did you know it was the first building on the National Mall? They started building it in 1847 and finished in
1855. (You thought your home took a long time to build.) It was named for James Smithson, a man from
England who gave all of his money to the United States, to develop "an establishment for the increase and
diffusion of knowledge among men." For us kids, that means his money was used to create the totally
awesome set of Smithsonian Museums.
School will be over soon.  I'll really miss all of my friends and Mrs. Barnes, but I can't wait to
go on my next adventure with Z
EE.  Summer is a great time to explore new places. Our new
place is San Antonio, Texas.  We will be double lucky, though, because in addition to seeing a
new city, we also get to visit our cousin, Frobby.  We always have so much fun together.