Tomorrow is the 4th of July. Happy Birthday U.S.A! I can't wait to one day explore
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where so much of our nation's early history took place.
I've heard you can visit the actual room in Philadelphia where our country's leaders
signed the Declaration of Independence. There are so many places to explore!!!
ZEE and I leave for San Antonio in 2 days!!! We'll fly in to the San Antonio airport,
then go see our cousin Frobby. She doesn't know we're coming, so I'm sure she'll
be really surprised.  

San Antonio is pretty hot in the summertime, so I hope we can do a little swimming
to cool off while we're there. You know how penguins like it as cool as possible!  
Mr. Harrison, my swim coach, has taught me how to do the backstroke, so maybe I
can show Frobby some of my new swimming skills.
What an amazing time we had in San Antonio! I don't want to write too much
about it so it can be a surprise when you get our Cha-Cha and Z
EE Explore San
Antonio book. I can say, though, that Frobby was totally surprised to see Z
EE and
me. She knew a lot about her beautiful city, and was able to take us to see lots of
interesting places.

One of my favorite places was a really tall tower, the Tower of the Americas. We
went to the top and were able to see the whole city from up there. We took some
great pictures. I also was able to do a little shopping at a place called El Mercado.  
I can't resist a great place to shop!