I had my first swim meet this weekend, and it was great. Our team
earned a lot of ribbons, and came in third place overall. I won a 3rd place
in one of my races, and a 5th place in the other. I'm used to swimming in
extra cold water, so I have to learn to do better in the warm water at the
swim meets. My coach, Mr. Harrison, says if I keep practicing, I'll keep
improving. I wonder if the water in the San Antonio River is cold.
One of my favorite summertime activities is to go to the library and check out
a lot of books. Sometimes, I check out so many books I can't carry them all
in my flippers and Z
EE has to help me. Lately I've been reading a book about a
monkey who lives in Mexico. I'm even learning some Spanish words from
the book. Monkey is "mono", and travel is "viajar." Maybe I'll learn more
Spanish words when I go to San Antonio in July.