ZEE and I are both starting journals today. We hope you’ll read about our
adventures in our books, tour guides, and activity books. But, these
journals will give you a glimpse into our daily lives. How else are you
going to learn about the home life of your favorite Macaroni penguins?
We’ll be sure to write at least once each week, so keep visiting.
I love school, but next week is Spring Break. ZEE and I are going back to Washington,
D.C. Spring in the Nation's Capital is wonderful, especially if the cherry blossoms are
out. We'll be advertising for our book launch by handing out fliers and books on the
National Mall. If you're in town, come by and visit us. Just so you recognize me... I'll
be the penguin with the bow in my hair.
We landed last night at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. That's quite a
mouthful. Do you think they'll name an airport after me if I become president? Anyway,
the city was beautiful flying into it at night. I love the monuments. Today and the next
two days are supposed to have beautiful weather. We'll probably spend most of our time
outside visiting those monuments up close. Hopefully, we'll see you out there.
Wow! What a wonderful week! We met kids from all over the United States. We even gave our autographs
to three families traveling together from Alabama. They were great. We also met teachers and librarians from
many different schools. Everyone thought the book was creative. We were very excited about the feedback.

If we didn't get to see you during this trip, write to us. We love to hear from our readers. We'll also let you
know when we plan our next trip. Hopefully, we can see you then.

Oh, I need to hurry. Tonight, we're going to a musical at Ford's Theater. We're going to see the opening night
of "Shenandoah" with Scott Bakula playing Charlie Anderson. I've never been to Ford's Theater. What a
delightful first visit this will be.
We're back from Spring Break. This morning, we got our last big homework assignment
for the school year. We have to write a report about our favorite city in the U.S. Any
guesses which city I chose? You got it -- Washington, D.C. -- the United States' capital.
I already have a head start.
Our report is not due until the end of May, but I'm eager to learn more about
Washington, D.C. now, especially while our trip to the Nation's Capital  is fresh in my
mind. I love exploring new cities, and the capital city was a great place to start. How
exciting it was to stand on the steps of the capitol building and look down the mall to the
Washington Monument with the Lincoln Memorial in the background. I'm glad we took
so many pictures. I'm sure I can use some of them in my report. Hopefully, you will
enjoy them too--in our book, tour guide, and activity book.
We had a great weekend. ZEE and I got to play baseball. He is a fantastic outfielder and first
baseman. He's left-handed, actually left-flippered (I bet you didn't know that), so he doesn't
usually get to play the other infield positions. But, he's still very good at them.

I usually play catcher. I know, it sounds funny to have a girl play catcher. But, I love to show the
boys how strong I am when I block the plate and make the tag. We had a great time.

Some of the kids from school were able to join us. Z
EE had three friends from his class and I had
two from mine. My friends were Katie and Justin. Katie played third base. She has a very strong
throwing arm. I guess most girl gorillas do. (Come to think of it, boy gorillas probably do too.)
And, Justin played second base. For a panda, he's pretty speedy on the bases.