Since I'm not taking piano lessons anymore, I've decided to join a swim team for the
summer. Penguins are terrific swimmers. We swim
much better than we walk! I'll
have fun learning some different types of strokes--I especially want to learn the
backstroke. I've heard that there's a river right in the middle of San Antonio, so
maybe I can do the backstroke down the San Antonio River this summer!
This is our last week of school. I'll really miss not having Mrs. Barnes for
my teacher next year. I've learned so much from her. My favorite subject in
school is Social Studies. She teaches us all about history and geography.
When I look at the maps in my textbook, I imagine all the interesting places
in the world that I would like to explore. Some people think that only adults
like to travel, but I can tell you that traveling to new places is something you
can enjoy at any age.