Cha-Cha, Katie, Dan, and I went to play golf today. Katie is a really
good golfer, but the rest of us have need a lot of practice! Come to
think of it, Katie is good in just about every sport.  

When we were in San Antonio, Cha-Cha and I played golf with
Frobby too. Golf is a lot of fun to play, but I think my favorite thing
about it is getting to drive the golf cart!
School starts in about 1 1/2 weeks. Why does the summer always seem to
go by so quickly?!? It sure was a great summer. The best thing about it
was exploring in San Antonio. I wonder where our next adventure will be...
Actually, I already know!!! If you think you might have a guess where
Cha-Cha and I are going to explore next, check out the "Next City" contest
at our website. You'll find clues there that will help you figure out where
we're going. This contest was Cha-Cha's idea, she really loves puzzles and
mysteries. Have fun checking out the "Next City" link on our website!