San Antonio, here we come!!! We leave next week for our big trip to
the Lone Star State. Texas is called the Lone Star State because the
state flag has one great big star--a "lone" star--on it. Before Texas
became the 28th state in the United States, it was a country. That's
right, it had it's own president and everything. I'm glad Texas is part of
the good 'ole USA now. Think how funny the map of the United States
would look with a big chunk of land missing at the bottom!
San Antonio, Texas rocks!!! Cha-Cha and I had an amazing time there.
Can I just say that I used to think raw fish was the best thing in the
world to eat, but now that I've eaten enchiladas, they're at the top of
my list.  

Remember how I was looking forward to seeing the Alamo? Well, that
was one of the first places Frobby took us. It was so cool! I learned
that the Alamo you visit nowadays is only one very small part of the
whole mission complex where the battle was fought. It looks kind of
small in comparison to the tall buildings surrounding it now, but it's still
very impressive.