A boy named Keemo moved into the house next door to us. He's from San
Francisco, California. Cha-Cha and I got out our atlas of the United States
and found San Francisco in the northern part of California right next to the
ocean. We asked Keemo a lot of questions about San Francisco, and he told
us it is a beautiful city with lots of hills and bridges. We're excited about
learning more about this really cool-sounding city.
It rained all day today, so I had a chance to read a book about San Antonio.
I've learned that it's a good idea to read about a city before you visit it.
That's exactly why Cha-Cha and I are writing our travel books for you.
Now you too will have a chance to read about exciting, interesting places
that you want to visit. With our Tour Guide, you'll have a handy map made
just for you to carry around with you as you explore. And the Activity Book
is great for taking with you in the plane or car as you travel to the city you're
visiting. We had a pretty good idea, there, don't you think?!?
Keemo, Cha-Cha, and I went fishing today. Keemo said when he lived in San
Francisco, he used to go fishing in the San Francisco Bay right next to the
city. Keemo is a panda, and since pandas don't eat fish, he gave all the ones
he caught to Cha-Cha and me. He's very generous, just like our panda
friends from the National Zoo in Washington D.C.