Cha-Cha and I are going to use our journals to share cool new facts that we learn about
the cities we visit. Plus, we can tell you about our daily activities. For instance, school
is out for Spring Break in two weeks for us. Very exciting, don’t you think? We're
going to make a return trip to Washington, D.C. to publicize our book launch. I can't
think of a better place to visit in the spring. Hopefully, we'll have nice weather.
Tomorrow, we're off to the airport. If you're visiting the Capitol City too, come and see us.
The first few days, we should be outside at the National Mall in the beautiful spring weather.
Later in the week, it's supposed to be cooler so we'll probably spend those days inside the
museums. I'm eager to see the Air and Space Museum again. Cha-Cha's excited about going
back to the gift shops. She's very predictable. :-)
What a wonderful day! The weather was delightful and the monuments were fabulous. Hopefully, we
got to see you today. If not, stop by the National Mall tomorrow. We'll be back out there visiting with
all of the families again. Where are we staying at night? Why, back in the National Zoo with all of our
friends of course. It's great to see them again. Yesterday, they had a surprise party for our return. Mr.
Elephant told all of these old, funny stories about Cha-Cha and me. He never forgets a thing. Anyway,
we'll be in town through this Friday, so watch for us. Don't be shy. Come visit us and ask for a free shirt.
We're back on the plane flying out of Washington, D.C. There's the Washington Monument. It's so
tall that you can't miss it, even from the plane. I can see the Lincoln Memorial. Yesterday, I stood
on the steps in the same place Martin Luther King, Jr. stood when he gave his "I have a dream"
speech. There's the Capitol, and the White House, and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Last night,
we visited each of them one last time during this visit. I love to see them at night. The lights and the
reflections are majestic.
I loved our trip to Washington, D.C. But, it's also nice to be home. Home is a good
place to be. You get to sleep on your own rock (well, you probably prefer a bed),
play with your own toys, eat your own food. Yes, it's true -- I'm a big fan of eating.
But, I always try to eat healthy foods. That's very important for young kids, and for
young penguins. I also enjoy eating foods that are unique to the cities we visit.
Different types of food say a lot about the history and culture of a city.
I think I told you that I love school, which is true. But, I also enjoy weekends. Cha-Cha, Jordan, Emily, Dan,
and I played baseball this past weekend with some other friends. Dan is a new student in our class this spring.
He's very nice and a great outfielder. As an eagle, he has a little advantage. There's something to be said for
soaring above the field when you're trying to rob a home run.

I also spent some time doing research for my school report. Mrs. Marshall, my teacher, said it was alright for
both Cha-Cha and me to write about Washington, D.C. She said she would be pleased for us to share our
photographs with the class. You know that learning about new cities is very exciting for Cha-Cha and me. But,
we especially love to share our adventures with other kids. We're going to really enjoy this report.
Did you know Cha-Cha and I are twins? That's right--born on the same day. I was
born first. I guess that's obvious due to my advanced maturity and leadership. She was
born 50 minutes later, which is a pretty long time for twins. I think she was enjoying
the extra time in Mommy's tummy. I was enjoying the moment of silence before her
arrival. Ahhhh, those were the minutes.

I'm just kidding of course. I really do love my sister. What's not to love? Honestly,
who couldn't love her?